Yuasa RE Batteries


Yuasa RE Series Deep Cycle Cyclic batteries


The Yuasa low maintenance and valve regulated construction combine with heavy duty lead plates and unique separator systems to make RE Series cyclic capability twice as long as conventional counterparts. Main Features Double cycle life RE Series operates 500 charge/discharge cycles or twice as many cycles as conventional cycle use batteries at 75% D.O.D. (depth of discharge).

This Valve-regulated and maintenance-free Battery electrolyte retained solidly in the separator and the innovative gas recombinant system allows minimum gas emittance ensuring it is maintenance free. Durability for deep discharge use The plate barrier prevention and the unique separator systems help ensure deep discharge use thus considerably prolonging battery’s service life.

The product features Minimal self-discharge Cyclic use batteries tend to be left discharged after usage causing plate corrosion leading to shortened life. Self discharge rate of RE Series is as small as only 0.1% a day at 20°C and thus extends the storage period allowed before recharging. Higher capacity within the same footprint as standard cyclic batteries The batteries are supplied pre charged at the factory to 95% and ready for use but a further precharge is advisable.


Applications Wheelchairs Golf trolley Lawn mowers Lights Toy cars Sprayers Photovoltaics Robots Communications Electric tools Pumps Measuring instruments Magnetic lifts AGV (Automatic guided vehicle)

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