Yuasa NPL Batteries

Yuasa NPL UPS Batteries for UPS

Sealed valve regulated lead acid batteries from Yuasa with an extended life. The Yuasa NPL range is an enhanced NP design resulting in a longer service life (7 – 10yrs). All other attributes and operational characteristics are the same, thereby maintaining the benefit of a common mechanical and electrical design for users of both products. Yuasa NP batteries are the most reliable batteries in the world, making the NPL the most reliable but with a much longer life, which is why industry choose Yuasa over any other battery for security and fire systems; they are the ideal battery for emergency lighting; the idealbattery for telecoms and uninterruptible power source (UPS) applications.

Benefits of the Yuasa NPL

  • Yuasa VRLA batteries can be used in any orientation excluding continuous use inverted
  • Standard case material is flame retardant to (UL94) HBØ
  • FR option case material is flame retardant to UL94:VØ (oxygen index 30)
  • NPL batteries are manufactured in factories that comply with ISO 9001:2000
  • FR option NPLs comply with BS6290 Part 4 (1997).
  • NPL batteries comply with IEC 60896-21+22.
Yuasa NPL Batteries

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