NRF905 433 Mhz wireless transceiver module with SMA antenna
  • NRF905 433 Mhz wireless transceiver module with SMA antenna

NRF905 433 Mhz wireless transceiver module with SMA antenna

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NRF905 433 M wireless transceiver module with SMA antenna


NRF905 433 Mhz wireless transceiver module with SMA antenna


Brief introducton of product:

NRF905 wireless transceiver module (PTR8000 +), based on Nordic VLSI company's latest packaging design of  NRF905, optimize design ,gain smaller volume,farther distance, at the same time, strong anti-interference, stable communication, especially suitable for the industrial control field, is the most popular and a mainstream wireless transceiver scheme. This model is the micro power module, can cooperate with our company’s product NRF905 module which is used over a long distance.


Basic features:

1. Open free license to use the ISM frequency 433 MHZ.

2. Receiving, sending and receiving interrupt flag.

3. 170 channels, meet the demand of multipoint communication and frequency hopping communication, achieve network communication, TDMA, CDMA - FDMA.

4. The built-in hardware 8/16 bit CRC check, develop more simple, reliable and steady data transmission.

5. Working voltage 1.9- 3.6 V, low power consumption, standby mode is only  2.5 uA.

6. Receiving sensitivity of 100 DBM.

7. To send and receive mode switch time < 650 us.

8. Can send and receive up to 32 bytes at a time, and can be set up the software to send/receive buffer size bytes 2/4/8/16/32.

9. Module can set software addresses, only receive the machine address output data (provide interrupt instruction), can be used directly to meet all kinds of single chip microcomputer and software programming is very convenient.

10. Maximum transmitted power 10 milliwatts, emission pattern: the maximum current < 30 ma. Receive mode: the current 12.2 mA.

11. Built-in SPI interface, also can through the I/O port simulation SPI implementation. The SPI clock can be up to 10 m.

12. Size small, not including antenna 32 mm * 19 mm; Standard interface DIP spacing, is advantageous for the embedded application.

13. Emission rate of 50 Kbps external 433 MHZ antenna, open communication distance of up to 300 meters, indoor communication 3-6 layer can realize reliable communication, strong anti-jamming ability, strong barrier penetration performance.