I2C/spi to lcd1602
  • I2C/spi to lcd1602

I2C/spi to lcd1602

1,500 €
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Converter board  LCD1602 and 2004 for using with  I²C/spi.  

I²C (IIC)/spi is good, always save your IOs on any of your MCU boards, now with this board, you can save 5 IOs, only need 2.

This board is also supporting 2004A which is also available in our store.

Product info:

  • Supply voltage: 2.5-6V
  • 41.5mm (length) X 19mm (W) X 15.3mm (height)
  • Support the I2C protocol
  • Contrast can be adjusted by rotating the blue potentiometer, clockwise to increase, counterclockwise weakened. Potentiometer design on the front, enabling customers to freely adjust anytime
  • 4-wire output
  • Modules can be cascaded up to cascade 8. By short-circuiting A0/A1/A2 modify the device address. The default address is 0×27
  • With backlight power control, can be connected via jumper settings are backlight power. Plug the jumper to connect the backlight off, unplug the jumper to disconnect the backlight power
I2C/spi to l