0.96” 128*64 OLED Display
  • 0.96” 128*64 OLED Display

0.96” 128*64 OLED Display

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0.96” 128*64 OLED Display

Product Description

Small size OLED, display on 128*64, and two types of interface IIC and SPI (on two different boards). Drive IC is SSD1306, easy to find arduino library for it.


  • Board size: 29.3*27.1 mm
  • IIC interface: GND, VCC, SCL, SDA, RST (reset), D/C (data/command)
  • SPI interface: GND, VCC, CLK, MOSI, CS (chip select), D/C
  • Wide input voltage: 2.5V-5.5V
  • Wide display agnle 160 degree.
  • Super low power consumption only 0.06W on regular display, not TFT display can compare.
  • Industrial level temperature: -30- 70 degree.
  • Application: design for size, quality and power consumption oriented products: smart watch, portable industrial, medical devices, special headset, player, etc

Note: There are two types of boards, with two different types of interface, not on one board.


Documentation: Library, schematic on request.


0.96” 128*64 OLED Display