LCR Meter (kit)
  • LCR Meter (kit)

LCR Meter (kit)



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 LCR meter (Kit)

Kit production requires a corresponding electronic technology, please make sure that you can accomplish ! The packages we offer are authentic elements and all Implemented by providing free PDF installation files and technical support , installation try to help you solve problems.

Inductance measuring range : 0.1μH-2H

Capacitance measuring range : 1pF-2.5μF

Electrolytic capacitor measuring range : 0.1μF-30000μF


Measuring range covers the common inductance and capacitance value range , very practical.


Inserted into the external power supply ( 9V or recommendation 12V, external negative the positive polarity ) that boot into calibration status (in this case the measurement terminals can not access devices ) ;


Starting and documentation:

  • Do not includind the cable terminal connector. This is a better choice for selecting a easy to attach connector later.
  • This kit is NOT assembled, require soldering skills, also you need to measure some resistors value.
  • This is a kit, please read the documents before to start assemble it, otherwise it is very easy to go wrong.
LCR Meter