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SMD Reflow Soldering Kit

SMD Reflow Soldering Kits (Syringe Solder Paste + 50 Pcs needles)
Brand?Mechanic PPD Solder Paste
Alloy: SN63/Pb37
Microns:25-45 um
Weight?30G / 10CC
This is the best version for doing simple SMD reflow soldering, put the needles on the syringe
version solder paste, push the end of it a little bit, the solder paste will come on, we will send a few different diameter
(1.5 – 0.05 mm)
of the needles to you, totally 50 pcs. or please specify what diameter you need.
After put the solder paste on the PCB, then you only need to put it into your oven or baking pan to reflow it.
You can find our temperature monitor here, and please prepare a timer by yourself.
* Please always stock it in your refrigerator, it’s important to keep it cool.