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ZD-917 Soldering and Desoldering Station



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ZD-917 Soldering and Desoldering Station

Professional Soldering and Desoldering Station suitable for all kinds of electronic components. Having the thermostat
function, suitable for soldering different components atomatically - The temperature sensor on the top of the tips
can check the tip temperature quickly, built in sleep mode for reducing energie costs and save the material, the
soldering iron and the desoldering iron can be used separately or together.


Input Voltage:          220 - 240V AC
Soldering iron:        24V AC, 60W
Desoldering Iron:   24V AC, 80W
CE, RoHS conform


Soldering Iron:       88-415B
Heater:                    78-415B
Spare Tips:             TIP N5-1

Desoldering Gun: 88-552A

Heater Des. Gun: 78-551B

Spare Sponge:     79-7305