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ZD987 Soldering and Desoldering Station


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Professional Soldering and Desoldering Station suitable for all kinds of electronic components. Having the thermostat
function, suitable for soldering different components atomatically - The temperature sensor on the top of the tips
can check the tip temperature quickly, the soldering iron and the desoldering gun tool are controlled automatically
by two micro-processors, the soldering iron and the desoldering gun can be used separately or together.


Input Voltage:         220 - 240V AC
Soldering iron:      24V AC, 60W
Desoldering Gun: 24V AC, 80W
CE, RoHS conform


Spare Parts

Soldering Iron:         88-415A
Heater:                      78-415B
Spare Tips:              TIP N5-1
Desoldering Gun:    88-552A
Heater Des. Gun:     78-551B
Spare Sponge:          79-7305