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ZD-8917 Professional Soldering and Desoldering Station


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Professional Soldering and Desoldering Station suitable for all kinds of electronic components. Having the thermostat function, suitable for soldering different components atomatically- The temperature sensor on the top of the tips can check the tip temperature quickly, the soldering iron and the desoldering gun tool are controlled automatically by two micro-processors, the soldering iron and the desoldering gun can be used separately or together. Handle design make it convenient to carry. LCD display to indicate the temperature, with white backlight. High quality ceramic heater with long service life, it has perfect high heat transfer and quick heat up.

Input Voltage: 220 - 240V AC
Desoldering Iron: 24V AC, 90W
adjust. Range: 160°C - 480°C
Soldering iron:24V AC, 60W

Vacuum Pressure: 600mm HG
Heating Element: Ceramic

CE, RoHS conform

Spare Parts
88-4181: Soldering Iron
78-4181: Heater
TIP N5-1: Spare Tips
ZD-553A: Desoldering Gun
78-5531: Heater Des. Gun
79-7301: Spare Sponge