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ZD8915 Desoldering Station

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Desoldering Station with LCD Display, designed for lead free desoldering specially. The high quality
sensor has precise temperatur control at the desoldering tip. LCD display with white backlight,
Temperature can be displayed in °C and °F, PTC heater with rapid heating, upgraded desoldering gun
with rear trigger, very convenient for replacing and cleaning, different tips available, incl. halter, sponge
and clearing tool.
Input voltage: 220V - 240V AC, 50Hz
Heating Power: 90W (heat up rating 200W)
Temperature range: 160° - 480° C
Gun voltage: 24V



Spare Parts
88-5531: Desoldering Gun
78-5531: Heater
TIP N5-6: Spare Tips
TIP N5-7: Spare Tips
TIP N5-8: Spare Tips
79-7305: Spare Sponge
79-5511: Desoldering Gun clearing tool
79-5512: Desoldering Gun clearing tool
79-5513: Desoldering Gun clearing tool
79-5518: Spare Filter for 88-5531 (ZD-553)
79-5519: Spare Filter for 88-5531 (ZD-553)

TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK....(sorry we sell a lot....).


                                                  anticipated date of receipt  mid-May



Very good and affordable desoldering station

First ... yes the build quality is maybe not the very best. BUT I can say from first hand, it WORKS better than the Hakko 474 I have used before, which is 10 x its price.
Heating up goes fast enough. Let it heat for at least 5 minutes. Otherwise the suction tube inside the gun might get clogged. I put a copper coin in the spring to prevent the filter getting clogged. Works great.
The nozzles are actually very good. Tin them well and they will last a long time. The gun is light weight, very easy to work with. The stand is heavy duty. I did glue the 2 parts together for more stability. The suction and heating capacity of this station is amazing. I would say. This is a cheap but very good performing desoldering station. Replacement parts are cheap as well and easily available. Don't doubt. Buy it!

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ZD8915 Desoldering Station

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