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NP4-6 Yuasa 6v 4Ah Lead Acid Battery

Manufacturer: Yuasa
Model: NP4-6
Battery Type: Standby Battery
Length: 70 mm
Capacity: 4Ah
Battery Chemistry: VRLA Valve regulated lead acid battery
Width: 47 mm
Voltage: 6v
Terminal Style: 4.8mm wide push fit spade terminal
Height - Excluding Terminals: 101 mm
Product Weight: 0.57 Kg
Terminal Layout: .
Height - Including Terminals: 105.5 mm

Brand : Yuasa
Voltage : 6v
Capacity : 4ah
Weight : 0.87kg
Dimensions : 70mm X 47mmX 105.5mm


Yuasa NP4-6, 6v 4Ah Sealed Lead Acid / VALVE REGULATED LEAD ACID Battery

Dimensions : 70mm Long X 47mm Wide X 105.5mm High (Over Terminals).

Terminals : 4.8mm / 0.187" Wide Male Spade Connection

Battery Type: Standby battery

Can be used to replace: Y4-6, NP4-6, NPG4-6, Rocket ES4-6, Enersys NP4-6, Yuasa NP4-6, Powersonic PS-640, Panasonic LC-R064R2P, Panasonic LCR6V4BP LCR6V4PL,Panasonic LC-R064R2CH LCPB064P, Panasonic LCR064PUL, Fulmen PE06004, B&B BP4.5-6 BP4-6, GS Portalac PE6-4, Ultracell CB4.5-6 UL4.5-6, Universal Battery UB645, RB640, Yuyaolitian Battery LTA640

Design life : 3 - 5 Year design life when used in standby applications.

Commonly used in Alarm Systems, Emergency Lighting,Torches, UPS systems and other electrical systems



Yuasa NP4-6 6v 4Ah Standby Battery