The CC2430 ZigBee wireless module SMA antenna
  • The CC2430 ZigBee wireless module SMA antenna

The CC2430 ZigBee wireless module SMA antenna

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The CC2430 ZigBee wireless module &Giving SMA antenna


The CC2430 ZigBee wireless module with SMA antenna


1. ZigBee core chip: CC2430-F128,it is integrated on a single chip the Zigbee radio frequency (RF) front-end,memory and microcontroller,CC2430-F128 chip Zigbee technology is a single-chip 2.4 GHz RF system applicable to various Zigbee or similar Zigbee wireless network nodes,including the tuner,routers and terminal equipment. It uses an 8 MCU (8051),with 128 KB of programmable flash memory and 8 KB RAM also includes analog-to-digital conversion devices (ADC),timers (Timer),AES128 co-processor,the watchdog timer Sleep mode timer of device (Watchdog Timer),32kHz crystal oscillator,power-on reset circuit (Power on reset),brown-out detection circuit (Brown Out Detection),and 21 programmable I / O pins.

2.  2.0 V-3.6V pin power supply.

3. On board the gold-plated SMA interface.

4. The on board the 32.768KHz crystal 32MHz SMD crystal.

5. The IO pin have all leads,facilitate external expansion and use.

6. Advanced Carrier Sense technology,effectively prevent network conflicts.

7. The standard configuration provides 16 channels to meet the multiple communication combination.

8. PCB board size:36 (mm) x25 (mm).

9. The range of applications:wireless sensor networks, building home automation,industrial controls,PC peripherals, consumer electronics and other fields.

The CC2430 ZigBee wireless modul