NRF24L01+ (send material)
  • NRF24L01+ (send material)

NRF24L01+ (send material)

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the wireless module NRF24L01+ (send material)

NRF24L01 + suffix is with "+" with "+" module of the actual distance than 24 l01 module (with no "+") of at least 10 meters far, stability factor is also very good, more than 24 l01 (with no "+"), the price is much higher.


2 mbit/s, 1 mbit/s, three optional 250 kbit/s transmission rate.

MultiCeiver hardware provides the function of the six receiver at the same time.

Slice of the link layer within the software design is more simple.

2 mbit/s that makes it possible to high-quality VoIP.

2 mbit/s 1 mbit/s three optional 250 kbit/s transmission rate.

Few peripheral component provides low cost possible.

+ / - 60 PPM crystal.

Only in the antenna matching need external inductance.

Don't need to multilayer PCB.

The tolerance of 5 v input level.

Without external level translator.

Can facilitate improved ShockBurst and serial interface with all kinds of low-cost MCU connection.

Without MCU with SPI interface.

20 pin 4 x4mm QFN lead-free packaging very few peripheral components.


Under 2 mbit/s rate when receiving the peak current of 12.5 mA


@ 0 DBM under 2 mbit/s rate of the output of the peak current 11 ma


The rate of 2 mbit/s just a small average current


The power consumption of 400 na power lost mode


The power consumption of 32 ua standby mode


130 us quickly switch and wake time


With on-chip voltage regulator oltage regulators


Can work at 1.9 to 3.6 V low voltage Most likely to reduce noise




Mouse and keyboard, wireless headset, intelligent sports equipment, remote control, voice applications, safety devices, toys, VOIP applications

NRF24L01+ (send material)