LC-06 Bluetooth Serial Module Serial Module (slave)
  • LC-06 Bluetooth Serial Module Serial Module (slave)

LC-06 Bluetooth Serial Module Serial Module (slave)

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LC-06 Bluetooth Serial Module Serial Module (slave)


LC-06 Bluetooth Serial Module Serial Module (slave)


Product Description:

1. CSR mainstream Bluetooth chip, Bluetooth V2.0 protocol standards

2. The serial module operating voltage is 3.3V.

3. The baud rate is 1200,2400,4800,9600,19200,38400,57600,115200, user can set.

4. The core module size: 28mm x 15 mm x 2.35mm.

5. Working current: pairing20 ~ 30MA, paired 8MA.

6. Dormancy current: No dormancy.

7. Used for the GPS navigation system, Water and electricity gas meter reading system, the controlling system of mining industry.

8. Can seamlessly connect with Bluetooth notebook, computer and Bluetooth adapters, PDA and other devices.



1. This module have host and slave two kinds, host can matching communicate with slave, between the salve and slave or between the host and the host can not communicate, slave can matching communicate with Bluetooth of the computers and mobile phones, and other devices.

2. Master- slave distinction: If the chip does not specify, the lights flash slower is the master, faster is slave; all factory hosts will make a hook, or those that have the word“master”in the IC, there is no check mark or notpaste the word “master”from the machine is slave. The date of manufacture can be obtained from the address of the Bluetooth.


Factory default parameters:

Slave Baud Rate: 9600, N, 8,1; Pin Code: 1234;If you need the master mode, please specify when ordering.


AT command set as follows:

1. Test communications

Send: AT (return OK, a second after send again)

Return: OK


2. Change the Bluetooth serial communication baud rate

Send: AT + BAUD1

Returns: OK1200


Send: AT + BAUD2

Returns: OK2400














Not recommended for more than 115200 baud rate, signal interference make the system unstable.

Set with more than 115,200 machines is unavailable, use microcontroller programming at higher than 115200 in order to use this baud rate and re-issued AT command set low baud rate

After AT command set the baud rate, the next time to use without re-set, and you can save the baud rate without electricity.


3. Change the Bluetooth name

Send: AT + NAMEname

Returns: the OKname

Parameter name: To set the current name which the Bluetooth to be searched. Including 20 characters.

Example: Sending AT + NAMEbill_gates

Return OKname

Then the Bluetooth name to be changed bill_gates

Parameters can be saved without electricity, modify it only once. Refresh the PDA; you can see the new Bluetooth name.


4. Change the Bluetooth Pin Code

Send: AT + PINxxxx

Returns: the OKsetpin

Parameter xxxx: To set a pass code, 4 bytes, this command can be used for the slave or the host. When the adapter or mobile phone pops up to enter the passkey window, then manually enter this parameter can be connected to the slave. Digital cameras is the host , connect the main Bluetooth module with digital cameras, find the pin code of the camera, and then set up the main Bluetooth module, the main Bluetooth module can automatically connect the camera.

Example: Sending AT + PIN8888

Return OK setpin

Then the pin code of the Bluetooth is changed to 8888, the default pin code of the module is 1234.

Parameters can be saved without electricity, modify it only once.