K150 picpro
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K150 picpro

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K150 Picpro is a new low-cost high-performance PIC programmer, support most popular PIC chips, programmed, read out encryption features! Require no power adapter!


With a plug-and-play USB communication. Convenient desktop and laptop with no serial port.
Programmer PICSTART-PLUS much faster speed than.
can be easily read out the contents of the program area of the chip.
fully automatic programming checksum.
Comprehensive information prompts, allowing users a clear understanding of the working state.
With 40pin ZIF programming Block, direct programming of 8pin-40pin DIP chip
Outside 7. 8pin-40 pin chip onboard ICSP output directly online download.
Compatible with the Windows98 and Windows2000/NT, Windows XP and other operating systems.
Provide the finished version of the programming software, the use of more handy.


K150 module
The 6 core ICSP cable and USB cable