DC-DC Adjustable Step-down Module
  • DC-DC Adjustable Step-down Module

DC-DC Adjustable Step-down Module

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Ultra LM2596 DC-DC Adjustable Step-down Module (Kis-3r33 Transformation)



  • 5-24V input voltage range
  • Output voltage range: 0.93 V-18V (antihypertensive work mode, enter at least greater than the output 2V or more)
  • Output Current: continuous 2.5A,  peak output 4A!
  • Switch: with Soft-off feature! Shutdown current as low microampere level.
  • Size: 45mm x 32mm x 16mm
  • The ultra-high reliability of the inputs and outputs are solid capacitors.
  • On board IC called MP2307CN

Technical Description:

  • Using synchronous rectification technology! The highest efficiency up to 98%!
  • Note: the new version upgrades reverse polarity protection, maximum efficiency can only reach about 95%, the highest efficiency of up to about 98% of the shorted protection diode.
  • Efficiency measured: 12V to 5V and 18V to 12V.
  • 12V turn 5V efficiency = (5V * 1.001A) / (12V * 0.431) = 96.7%
  • 18V to 12V efficiency = (12.019V * 1.001A) / (18.01V * 0.679) = 98.38%