VFI 10000 ICR IoT 3/3
  • VFI 10000 ICR IoT 3/3
  • VFI 10000 ICR IoT 3/3
  • VFI 10000 ICR IoT 3/3
  • VFI 10000 ICR IoT 3/3

VFI 10000 ICR IoT 3/3

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VFI 10000 ICR IoT 3/3

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VFI 10000 ICR IoT 3/3

Model: VFI 10000 ICRE IoT 3/3
SKU: 10122218

  • IoT Solution with the PW-WinPower App
  • Output Power Factor 1.0
  • Optimized Battery Management (OBM– for longer Battery Life
  • EBM Auto-Detection for easy setup of External Baterry Packs
  • Parallel Operation, up to 3 units
  • Built-in ethernet port offers Modbus TCP/ IP
  • Internet Options: LAN Cable or WLAN Dongle
  • Modern, Unique Touch-Panel Included
  • Can be configured as a single phase output (3-1, 1-1)!

The PowerWalker VFI 10k-20k ICR IoT 3/3 series is the next generation of UPS, offering an intuitive App for remote monitoring via cloud. The UPS is quickly setup and easy to maintain, and it provides the ability to review the workflow and troubleshoot instantly regardless of time and place. This cloud based monitoring increases the availability and quality of traditional monitoring, while at the same time allowing room for cost reduction, scalability, and trend analysis.


This Three-Phase UPS series utilizes double conversion (Online) technology and features unity power factor, ensuring the availability of your mission critical equipment and providing clean output power to your sensitive loads. Multiple optional accessories such as external battery packs, communication cards and a WLAN adapter enhance the functionality of the UPS. It also features a very advanced Touch-Panel.

General Features
Type Online Three Phase (VFI)
Phases (IN-OUT) 3-3
Form Factor Rack, Tower
Rack Units [U] 3U
Power Capacity 10000VA / 10000W
Output Power Factor 1
Input Voltage Range 190-520 VAC @ 0-50% Load,
277-520 VAC @ 50-100% Load
Max THDi <3% linear load; <5% non-linear load
Frequency Range 40Hz – 70Hz
Frequency (Synchronized Range) 50Hz or 60Hz
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Nominal Output Voltage 220/230/240 VAC
THDv ≤1% Full Linear Load; ≤5% Non-Linear Load
Voltage Regulation (Battery Mode) ±1%
Frequency (Battery Mode) ±0,1Hz
Input & Output Connectors
Input Connector Terminal
Terminal Output Yes
Technical Details
LINE Mode Efficiency [%] (Full Load) 95.0
Transfer Time (AC / Line Mode or Battery Mode to ECO Mode) [ms] <10ms
Transfer Time (AC / Line Mode to Battery Mode) [ms] 0ms
Transfer Time (ECO Mode to AC / Line Mode or Battery Mode) [ms] 2ms
Transfer Time (Line Mode or Battery Mode to Bypass Mode) [ms] 0ms
Load Crest Ratio 3:1 (max)
Additional Features ECO Mode Available, CVCF Mode Available, OBM – Optimized Battery Management, Parallel Connectivity, Unity Power Factor 1.0, Battery Pack Available, IoT – Cloud Connectivity, Generator Compatible, HID – Human Interface Device, REPO – Remote Emergent Power-Off, Dual Input Option, Advanced Touch-Display, AVR – Automatic Voltage Regulator, EBM – External Battery Module – Auto Detection
IEC 62040-3 classification VFI-SS-111
Batteries and Autonomy
Batteries Batteries not Included
DC Voltage 20x 12.0V
Charger 1A-13A [4A]
External Battery Pack Yes
Communication Dry contact, USB Type B – for Monitoring Software, RS-232, WLAN Port – for Internet Connection, RJ-45 – for Internet Connection, Management Card Slot, Modbus TCP
Software WinPower
Parallel Operation [Units] 3
Noise Level < 55db
Fan Logic

Always on, Automatic Speed Control

Temperature 0°C – 40°C (40°C – 50°C @50% load)
Humidity 0% – 95% RH (non-condensing)
IP IP 20
EAN 4260074983272
Product Dimensions (DxWxH) [mm] 559 x 438 x 129 mm
Product Weight [kg] 23.8
Package Dimensions (DxWxH) [mm] 790 x 572 x 343 mm
Package Weight [kg] 27.1

VFI 10000 ICR IoT