TB6560 stepping motor driver with heatsink
  • TB6560 stepping motor driver with heatsink

TB6560 stepping motor driver with heatsink

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TB6560 stepping motor driver motor driver module single axis controller with heatsink

1. On-board TB6560AHQ low power dissipation , high integration two-phase hybrid stepping motor driver chip

2. On-board 74 hc123 chip, support the stepping motor to be automatic half flow

3. On-board can change the fuse block,  Defaulting installation 3 a fuse

4. On-board two 0.2 ohms power cement resistance

5. On-board six dial switch, which can set the current size, segmentation and attenuation.

6. On-board LM317 stabilivolt chip, can supply power to the part of the circuit

7. On-board three optocoupler, isolation interference effectively, and improve the system stability

8. On-board 10 binding post, connecting power, input and output easy.

9. On-board four LED, showing the various states of the board

10. PCB board size: 75 (mm) x48 (mm)

TB6560 stepping motor driver II