51 SJA1000 CAN learning board
  • 51 SJA1000 CAN learning board

51 SJA1000 CAN learning board

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51 SJA1000 CAN learning board development board

1.The single-chip microcomputer: STC89C12C5A60S2

2.CAN the SJA1000 + 82 c250 constitute the CAN controller and driver, indicator light shows the communication status, the support from the sending and receiving function, also support a multipoint communication network.

3.Onboard MAX232 chip, realizes the RS232 serial port communication, CAN be convenient communication with a PC, realize the online programming, and CAN communication module combination application of 232 and CAN bus conversion CAN be realized, and is a two-way street

4.Onboard LM35 + LM358 chip, realize the temperature measurement function

5.Onboard TLC5615 + TL431 chip, DA conversion functions, note: STC89C12C5A60S2 chip includes AD conversion function

6.Onboard 74 hc164 + 2 two digital tube display subsystem, can simply send and receive data

7.Onboard INT1 free key, you can implement the initiative to send with buttons function, realize the human-computer interaction

8.Onboard 5 v buzzer, which can be convenient to do voice call the police

9.Development board 9 v power supply, the onboard power supply chip AMS1117-5

51 SJA1000 CAN