DHT22 Digital Humidity and Temperature Sensor
  • DHT22 Digital Humidity and Temperature Sensor

DHT22 Digital Humidity and Temperature Sensor

5,700 €

DHT22 Digital Humidity and Temperature Sensor

AM2302 digital temperature and humidity sensor is a calibrated digital signal output temperature and humidity combined sensor. Application-specific digital acquisition module and the temperature and humidity sensor technology to ensure the products with high reliability and excellent long-term stability. The sensor includes a capacitive humidity sensing element and an NTC temperature measurement devices, and connected with a high-performance 8-bit microcontroller. The product has excellent quality, fast response, anti-interference ability, high cost, etc.. Each AM2302 sensors are extremely precise humidity calibration chamber for calibration. The calibration coefficients stored in the form of a program OTP memory, internal sensor, the detection signal process to call these calibration coefficients. Single wire serial interface, system integration becomes quick and easy. Ultra-small size, low power consumption, signal transmission distance up to 20 meters, making it is the best choice for all kinds of applications and even the most demanding applications. The product is a 4-pin single row pin package. Easy connection, special packages according to user needs.


HVAC, dehumidifiers, testing and testing equipment, consumer goods, automotive, automatic control, data logger, home appliances, humidity regulator, medical, weather stations, and other related humidity detection control.

Product Highlights

Ultra-low power, transmission distance, fully automated calibration, the use of capacitive humidity sensor, completely interchangeable, standard digital single bus output, excellent long-term stability, the use of high-precision NTC.

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