Jlink V8 ARM
  • Jlink V8 ARM

Jlink V8 ARM

16,700 €

Emulator, Double Buffer, Auto Update, Jlink V8 ARM Simultation toolkit

Use JLINK V8 original firmware, supports automatic upgrade.
Design based on the original JLINK V8 circuit schematic design.
Design based on the original JLINK V8 circuit layout design.
Design based on the original JLINK V8 line alignment.
Power circuit using large capacity non-polar capacitor as a filter, the same as the original JLINK V8.
The USB-seat shell ground through a resistor and capacitor in parallel (a lot of businesses to simplify this, but directly to ground), the same as with the original JLINK V8.
The use of a red and green LED indicates that the inner workings of state (green light indicates working state, a red light indicates the reset state), the same as the original JLINK V8.
SWD and JTAG support 1.2-5V voltage output circuit using two the Philips 74ALVC164245, the same as the original JLINK V8.
The double protection: JLinkUSB mouth the esd protect the ic full protection! 500 mA resettable fuse to protect the USB port, full protection!
The OUR JLink 1.5A Large current 8550 triode power on command output 400ma current Your product can be powered directly by JLINK simulation, very convenient!
This product is designed for the original JLINK V8 goal, stable performance, at or near the the original JLINK V8 performance.
With V7 comparison test, you can clearly feel the V8 erase and program faster and more smoothly.
SMT production machines, strict quality inspection, the quality of the products 100% qualified, please feel free to use.

Link is a the SEGGER company launched JTAG emulator for ARM core chip to support simulation. IAR EWARM, ADS, KEIL, WINARM, RealView and other integrated development environment with the support all ARM7/ARM9 kernel chip simulation and seamless connectivity through the RDI interface and the integrated development environment, easy to operate, easy to connect, easy to learn, learning to develop ARM the best and most practical development tools.

More Feature:

 The IAR EWARM integrated development environment seamlessly connected JTAG emulator
Support all ARM7/ARM9 kernel chip, as well as cortex M3, including Thumb mode
Support for ADS, IAR, KEIL, WINARM, REALVIEW almost all development environment
Download speeds ARM7-: 600kB / s, ARM9: 550kB / s, through the DCC up to 800 kB / s
The maximum JTAG speed 12 MHz
Target board voltage range 1.2V-3.3V, 5V compatible
Auto speed recognition
Monitoring all JTAG signals and target board voltage
Fully Plug and Play
USB power (but not the target board power supply)
With a USB cable and 20-pin flat cable
Support for multiple JTAG device serial connection
20-pin standard JTAG emulation plug
With J-Link TCP / IP server, allows to use the J-Link via TCP / IP network

Supports: ARM7TDMI?Rev 1?; ARM7TDMI?Rev 3?; ARM7TDMI-S?Rev 4?; ARM720T * ARM920T; ARM926EJ-S; ARM946E-S; ARM966E-S; ARM11; Cortex-M3

Product Specification:

Power: USB powered machine current <50mA
USB interface: USB 2.0 full-speed 12Mbps
Target board interfaces: JTAG (20P)
J-Link and target board serial data transfer degrees: maximum 12MHz
Supported target board voltage: 1.2 – 3.3V, 5V compatible
Target board supply voltage: 4.5 – 5V (USB 5V)
Target board power supply current: 300mA, with overcurrent protection
Operating ambient temperature: +5 ° C … +60 ° C
Storage Temperature: -20 ° C … +65 ° C
Humidity: 90%
Dimensions (excluding cable): 100mm x 53mm x 27mm
Weight (without cable): 70g
EMC: EN 55022, EN 55024

Support ICs list:

Actel(ARM7/ARM9/Cortex Family)
Analog Devices(ARM7/ARM9/Cortex Family)
ARM(ARM7/ARM9/Cortex Family)
Cortex-M0,Cortex-M1 (Altera),Cortex-M3
Atmel(ARM7/ARM9/Cortex Family)
AustriaMicroSystems(ARM7/ARM9/Cortex Family)
Cirrus Logic(ARM7/ARM9/Cortex Family)
Ember(ARM7/ARM9/Cortex Family)
Energy Micro(ARM7/ARM9/Cortex Family)
Freescale Semiconductor(ARM7/ARM9/Cortex Family)
Luminary Micro(ARM7/ARM9/Cortex Family)
Nuvoton(ARM7/ARM9/Cortex Family)
NXP(founded by Philips)(ARM7/ARM9/Cortex Family)
OKI Semiconductor(ARM7/ARM9/Cortex Family) ML674000,ML674001,ML674002,ML674003,ML675001,ML675002,ML675003,ML675011,ML67Q4050,ML67Q4051,
ROHM(ARM7/ARM9/Cortex Family)
Samsung(ARM7/ARM9/Cortex Family)
Socle Technology Corp(ARM7/ARM9/Cortex Family)
STMicroelectronics(ARM7/ARM9/Cortex Family)
Texas Instruments(ARM7/ARM9/Cortex Family)
Toshiba(ARM7/ARM9/Cortex Family)
Zilog(ARM7/ARM9/Cortex Family)