MC34063A booster module battery booster module
  • MC34063A booster module battery booster module

MC34063A booster module battery booster module

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MC34063A booster module battery booster module

MC34063A booster module battery booster module

1. summarize

LC boost module MC34063A_BOOST are based on a small chip MC34063A booster module, low voltage can be up to a certain range of high voltage, which can adjust output voltage through the potentiometer.Can be used in the places where need to improve the voltage.


2.function and characteristics

-1 Low input voltage, high output voltage.Realize the booster function.
-2 The output voltage is adjustable.
-3The module size is small.

Technical parameters:
The input voltage range: 3.6 V - 30 V.
Range of output voltage, output voltage of 3.8 V to 36 V output voltage regulator features: load regulation is less than 5%.
Output current.This module IC internal switch tube is 1.5 A, but for reasons of safety and calorific value, recommend this module within the load on the power consumption is 0.8 W.When the output is 5 v, load within 160 ma.Note: the higher the output of the negative voltage, load ability is relative decline.


3. hardware and instructions


VIN: low input voltage.
GND: public land.
OUT: output increase of voltage.
Instructions: the working voltage VCC & Gnd, not reverse connection, in order to avoid damage to the board and components.
By adjusting the potentiometer to control the output voltage.

Need to input and output feet by one greater than 100UF electrolytic capacitors to the ground.The input and output filter capacitor is the positive input feet, negative ground. Voltage must be greater than the input and output voltage of capacitor.