2A Power Module
  • 2A Power Module

2A Power Module

6,000 €

Product Description

  • New upgrades: larger filter capacitor larger inductance! Enhanced cooling system to make it more stable and reliable!
  • 5-30V input voltage range
  • Output voltage: 1.25V-26V (downward mode, output is always more than 2V lower than the input)
  • Output Current: 0.15A-2A adjustable
  • Dimensions: 3.8 * 5.5 * 2.3CM (dimensions)
  • Limit parameters: input the largest 32V output current maximum 2.6A
  • With constant current (CC) and constant volt (CV) indicator LEDs

Pins definition:

  • Input Power and CC (constant curent) adjustment poteniometer  on the left
  • Output Power and CV (constant voltage) adjustment poteniometer on the right


  • Build own precisely adjustable constant-voltage and constant-current regulated power supply
  • To a variety of battery charging, can freely adjust the charge current, with constant-voltage and constant-current indication, and auto stop when finish the charge
  • Drive a variety of LED current convenient adjustment for a variety of LED combination.


  • More heat will generate when the module full load work.
  • Constant voltage ripple: 50mV peak-to-peak ripple frequency 52Kh
  • Full load efficiency of about 85%