Current turn voltage to current  0-5V to  0-20mA
  • Current turn voltage to current  0-5V to  0-20mA

voltage convert to frequency 0-10V to 0-10KHz

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Voltage convert to frequency  0-10V to  0-10KHz


Voltage convert to frequency  0-10V to  0-10KHz

1. summarize

LC voltage convert frequency module LC_V2F can  generate different frequencies according to the discretion of the input voltage of the module.Put 0-10V voltage into 0-10KHz  frequency pulse signal.

2. functional characteristics

1 input voltage, output frequency signal.
2 Can adjust potentiometer to calibrate the corresponding relationship of voltage and frequency.
3 This module output can supply drive for pulse signal, Yang connection with matching available to drive.(12 V power supply, the string of a resistance of 330 R, 13 to 24 V power supply, to list a current-limiting resistance to 2.7 K line)
Technical parameters:
Operating voltage: 13.5 V - 30 V.
Input controlled voltage range: 0-10 v.
The output frequency range: 0-10 KHZ

3. introduce of hardware and illustrate

(1)Connection details:
VCC: working power supply.
GND: the power supply.
IN + : the input voltage.
 IN - : input fields.
OCOUT: signal collector output port (drivewith the output).
FOUT: frequency output port (gm the frequency of the output).

Will pick on F, frequency pulse signal on VOUT is corresponding to the output voltage.
Corresponding relations between input and output:
1 v = 1 KHZ.
10 v = 10 KHZ.
When using corresponding relation if there is a deviation, can adjust potentiometer to calibration.