Self-Lock Wireless Relay Garage Door
  • Self-Lock Wireless Relay Garage Door

Self-Lock Wireless Relay Garage Door

7,500 €

Self-Lock Wireless Relay Garage Door Remote Control 12V DC 1 Channel Switching Board


  • Well-built wireless controller and wireless relay module, you can setup this on your domestic appliance or similar items immediately. Medium level security based on learning code system.
  • Suitable for anti-theft alarm, remote control electric windows, signal control, industrial control, lifting equipment, electrical control circuitry.
  • Up to 270V AC /10V controlling capability.
  • When the wireless encoder controller is lost, you only need to get another 315mhz control for the system, no need any changes to be done for the decoder, except re-pair them.
  • Also multiple encoder controller can work on the same time for one decoder board.
  • Input voltage: DC 12V, current must support up to 500ma.
  • Working frequency: 315Mhz.
  • Wireless distance: 200 Meters in open area in theory, but actually can reach 20 ~100 meters depending on environment and obstacles
  • Sensitivity: >-105dB.
  • Decoder board can decoding any oscillation resistor.
  • Support three different working mode for buttons output, see this three modes here.
    • Soldering T is self-locking
    • Soldering  M is non-locking type,
    • Neither M and T are not soldered to the interlocking type
  • Board connection
    • - to DC ground
    • + to DC 12V power supply
    • COM and NO insert between phase/live wire, ground/earth wire does not need to connect.
    • NC do not need to connect. (Com and NC will keep connected when button not pressed)
  • Package including the encoder controller, decoder relay board, and decoder relay board cas


- Learning Code
Encode ICs EV1527
Decoder MCU
Address Code 0 and 1 states on 20 bits (1048576 unique addresses)
Encoding software
Address code type fixed during production
When lost encoder only need to re-learning the new address code


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