LCD128X64 graphic
  • LCD128X64 graphic

LCD128X64 graphic

10,000 €

LCD 128X64 Graphic  KS0108

This is a 128×64 liquid crystal display that support major character , English characters and even graphics, very suitable for interactive work with Arduino.

12864 is an unofficial Arduino library that supports 12864 Graphic LCDs that use the ST7920 chip.

This module support parallel and serial interface, when using a serial port mode, DB0 – DB5 didn’t use, DB6 (SCL) : serial clock, rolled out brand-new DB7 1993 (SI) : serial model data mouth

  • Power:VDD = + 5V or + 3V, usable software adjust contrast
  • Display content: 128 (column) X 64 (lines)
  • Display mode: FSTN is show a semipermeable (white background with black text)
  • Properties: blue LED backlighting lateral backlighting, current: 80MA
  • Control chip: ST7920, may choose to use a serial port or parallel, Set R1 0 ohms,it’s parallel port; Set R2 0 ohms, it’s serial interface.

Information: code, etc.. on request.

LCD128X64 gr