433M transmitter module
  • 433M transmitter module

433M transmitter module

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Basic Specification: 
  • Frequency: 433Mhz.
  • Modulation: ASK
  • Receiver data output: High - 1/2 Vcc, Low - 0.7v
  • Transmitter input voltage: 3-12V (high voltage = more transmitting power)
  • Transmitting range (work at 5V): 40m indoor, and 100m in open air
The popular link is like this: MCU -> Encoder -> Transmitter ------ Receiver -> Decoder -> MCU, 
PT2272(Encoder) and PT2262(Decoder) are optional, their existence is to 1)avoid confusing when multiple RF links in range 2) isolate disturbance. You can integrate the encoding and decoding work to the MCUs on both side. Whenever there is no 315Mhz devices around, you may use it as direct cable connection.


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Name Pin1 Pin2 Pin3 Pin4 Pin5
433 Transmitter Antenna (extra one close to other end) VCC Data output Data output GND
433 Receiver Data Input VCC GND


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433M transmi