AD9850 DDS
  • AD9850 DDS

AD9850 DDS



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AD9850 DDS Signal Generator Module 0-40MHz


Compare to our current AD9850 module, this one is more easy to use, better PCB layout for prototyping, can be put on breadboard.

This module described here is based on ADS9850, a CMOS, 125MHz, and Complete DDS Synthesizer.

The AD9850 is a highly integrated device that uses advanced DDS technology coupled with an internal high speed, high performance, D/A converter and comparator, to form a complete digitally programmable frequency synthesizer and clock generator function.

All the external components which are needed are integrated on the board and the designer don’t need to care more about the detailed design of ADS9850. The designer only needs to add the power and control signals to this module to driver this module


  • Signal Frequency output range: 0-40MHz
  • 4 Signal outputs:
  • 2 sine wave outputs and 2 square wave outputs
  • DAC SFDR > 50 dB @ 40 MHz AOUT
  • 32-Bit Frequency Tuning Word
  • Simplified Control Interface: Parallel Byte or Serial Loading Format
  • Phase Modulation Capability
  • +3.3 V or +5 V Single Supply Operation
  • Low Power: 380 mW @ 125 MHz (+5 V)
  • Low Power: 155 mW @ 110 MHz (+3.3 V)
  • Power-Down Function
  • Dimensions: 25*45MM


  •  Frequency/Phase–Agile Sine-Wave Synthesis
  • Clock Recovery and Locking Circuitry for Digital
  • Communications
  •  Digitally Controlled ADC Encode Generator
  • Agile Local Oscillator Applications

Main difference between AD9850 and AD9851

  • AD9850 clock frequency up to 125MHz, AD9851 clock frequency up to 180MHz. highest frequency output of AD9851 is higher than AD9850 .
  • AD9851 has 6 octave, but AD9850 doesn’t


Data, code sample on request.

AD9850 DDS