UTP1305 DC Power Supplie


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UTP1305 DC Power Supplie

UTP1300 series are single-channel linear DC power supplies with low ripple/noise, overload protection and constant voltage/current features.
Electronics design, battery charging, electrical vehicle, research labs and education sectors.

1. Adjustment rate up to 0.01%
2. Output terminals complied with EU directives (selectable)
3. Low ripple and sound
4. Single channel; output voltage: 0~32V
5. Overload and reverse polarity connection protection
6. Constant voltage and current
7. Display voltage and current at the same time

Model UTP1305
Output voltage 0~32V
Output current 0~5A
Load regulation CV≤1x10-4 +3mV, CC≤2x10-4 +3mA
Ripple and noise ≤1mVrms
Output regulation resolution CV: 100mV (typical), CC: 10mA (typical)
Reliability MTBF(e): ≥2000hrs
Display mode LED voltage and current dual display
Feature Auto conversion of constant voltage and current with current limit protection
General Characteristics
Power Input voltage: 115V AC/230V AC;
frequency: 47Hz~63Hz
Product color White and grey
Product net weight 5kg
Product size 145mm x 175mm x 284mm
Standard accessories Power cord, output cables, PC software CD