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Founded in 1982, MEAN WELL is one of the world's few manufacturers dedicated to standard power supply products. It is ranked the 4th in global power supply (DC output) makers according to a report by Micro Technology released in March, 2020.  99% of MEAN WELL sales are of standard power supply products sold under the MEAN WELL brand name.  The other three companies' products are ODM/OEM.

MEAN WELL has been working as a "reliable partner" with customers, suppliers, contractors, and employees to build long lasting mutual trust relationships based on the spirit of "good intentions."

Thanks to robust partnerships with 200 plus authorized distributors around the world, MEAN WELL has been growing and getting stronger for three decades. With 2,800 employees located at its global headquarters in New Taipei Industrial Park, Taiwan, branches and sales offices at Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou in China, California USA, and Netherlands in the EU, four advanced production bases in New Taipei City (Taiwan), Tianhe District and Huadu District in Guangzhou, and Suzhou City in China, MEAN WELL had a combined revenue of USD 1,001 million in 2019.

Mean Well


  • Adaptors


    Mean Well Adaptors: wall-mount and desktop adaptors up to 600W.
    Global safety approvals:

    • Industrial IT
    • Medical
    • Gaming

    Interchangeable socket types and power cords, class I, II & III safety levels.

  • Power Supply for Led

    Power supply for led

  • Din Rail Power Supply

    DIN rail power supplies

    DIN rail power supplies are very popular with panel, machine and cabinet builders. Mean Well offers DIN rail power supplies that meet all of the industry standards. The power supplies we offer range from 10 W single phase to 1kW three-phase types. These types have a very wide input range and are suitable for IT, TN or TT systems with triangular or star shaped connections. DIN rail power supplies are normally available for O (Omega), C, or G profiles.

    AC/DC DIN Rail Power Supplies

    Mean Well's range of AC / DC DIN Rail power supplies always offers the right solution for professional cabinet- and application builders. You can choose between a plastic or metal housing, an extra slim design, from among a wide input range and for parallel or redundant applications. The right solution for all your DIN rail power supply needs!

    Overview of AC/DC DIN rail power supplies

    • DIN-Rail Power Supplies
    • DIN-Rail DC/DC Converters
    • High Density per DIN-Rail mm
    • Redundancy & Charger Versions
    • 1-Phase & 3-Phase Versions
    • Up to IP67 Waterproof

    Specific needs for DIN rail power supplies are welcome. There are power units for redundant solutions, battery management, buffer modules, as well as those that deal with network dips. There are also power supplies which exceed routine safety measures and are ATEX-approved for environments facing high risks of explosion or other types of threats.

    General features and product options

    • High power density
    • Wide input range
    • Constant current safeguards
    • ATEX approval
    • Redundancy
    • UPS function
    • Bridging voltage dips
    • Industrial
    • Medical
    • Slim shape
    • TUV
    • CE

    DC/DC DIN Rail mounting

    Cabinet builders often work with a 24VDC bus which circulates around the entire cabinet. Whenever a 12VDC is required, for example, when supplying power to a camera, no special PCB is in place for a DC/DC PCB converter. Under these circumstances, a DC/DC converter that can be clicked onto a DIN rail is the obvious solution. Mean Well therefore has a wide range of DC / DC DIN rail converters, ranging from 15 Watts to several kW. Trains are supplied almost exclusively with DC/DC converters, often in the form of 19” rack units, but also in the form of DIN rail converters which are clicked on. For this sector Mean Well, of course, has solutions that comply with the famous EN50155 standards used for railways.

    Difference Mean Well DR DIN Rail Series

    • DR Series: Plastic Case, 15W to 100W Step Shape
    • HDR Series: Plastic Case, 15W to 100W Slim Step Shape
    • MDR Series: Plastic Case, 10W to 96W Ultra Slim
    • EDR Series: Metal Case, 75W to 480W Slim & Economical - EMI Class A Working temperature -20~+60°C Warranty 2 years
    • NDR Series: Metal Case, 75W to 480W Slim & Economical - EMI Class B Working temperature -20~+70°C Warranty 3 years
    • SDR Series: Metal Case, 75W to 960W Slim & High Efficiency
    • WDR Series: Metal Case, 120W to 480W Slim Wide Input Range / 480~960W Slim 3-phase - WDR 1,2-phase; 180~550VAC
    • TDR Series: Metal Case, 120W to 480W Slim Wide Input Range / 480~960W Slim 3-phase - TDR 3-phase; 340~550VAC
    • DR/DRP Series: Metal Case, 45W to 480W
    • DRH/DRT Series: Metal Case, 120W to 960W 3-phase
    • DR-RDN20 / DR-UPS40: Peripheral Module
    • DRA/DRC Series: 40W & 60W Output Current Programmable, 40W to 100W Battery Charger with UPS Function
    • KNX-20E-640: 20W KNX Power Supply

    What does DIN stand for?

    DIN derives from specs published by Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) which have been adopted as European (EN) and international (IEC) standards.

  • Enclosed power supplies

    Enclosed power supplies

    Mean Well enclosed power supplies: single, dual, triple & quad output voltages, ultra wide range 5 W to 4000 W.
    Highest power density, low profile for 1U rack mounting, active power factor correcting, parallel mode.

    • extra output signals Power Good/Fail
    • enable/disable
    • stand-by voltage
    • battery charger output
    • global safety approvals: industrial IT, medical & semi F47
  • Battery Charger

    Battery Charger

  • Power supply
  • DC/AC Inverters

    DC/AC Inverters

    Mean Well DC-AC Inverters: power inverters from 40 W to 5000 W.
    True sine wave output and modified sine wave output.
    Stand-alone, battery charger function, UPS & solar charger function.

  • DC/DC Converters

    Mean Well DC/DC Converters

    Mean Well DC/DC converters are used for various purposes, such as transforming socket voltage from 24VDC to 5VDC for microprocessors, stabilising voltage fluctuations, and simple galvanic isolation. There are countless possible applications and for that reason the range of DC/DC converters is also very extensive. Dependant on the required design, the technical specifications, and the intended function, Telerex can offer you the right DC/DC converter at an affordable price and supply it quickly.

    Mean Well has built up extensive experience and a wide range of designs over the years by supplying DC/DC converters for such varied domains the medical industry, the industrial sector, the railroad industry, the public transportation industry, the military, and the aviation and aerospace sectors.

    Overview DC/DC converters

    • POL converters and conventional DC/DC converters
    • Regulated or unregulated DC/DC converters
    • With or without isolation between input and output
    • With an input range of 2:1, 4:1, or wider
    • Through hole of SMD-type DC / DC converters

  • Open Frame Power Supplies

    Open Frame Power Supplies

  • PCB Power Modules

    PCB Power Modules

  • LED Drivers

    LED Drivers

    Mean Well offers LED drivers for each application. These LED drivers are specially designed and dimensioned to supply the current generation power LEDs, and LED COB engines. Depending on your application, we offer drivers with a plastic or metal housing, for PCB assembly, for use in outdoor and heavy duty. Both Mean Well LED drivers and Inventronics LED drivers are available in constant current (CC) or constant voltage (CV) versions.

    LED Driver Key Features

    • Up to 94% efficiency
    • Constant current, constant voltage, and mix versions
    • Dimming with adjustable voltage, triac, touch, phase intersection, resistive, or Dali and DMX
    • Active PFC function
    • Water resistant up to IP67
    • UL, CUL, TUV, PSE, CE, DEKRA certified
    • Plastic and metal housings

    LED Driver Applications

    • Spotlight and downlight fittings
    • High bay luminaires
    • Floodlights
    • Line trunking
    • Street lighting
    • Signage boards
    • LED panels

    Components for Professional LED Lighting

    Our partner Luxendi is offering a very wide variety of lighting components for professional lighting, such as lighting architects and LED lighting engineers.

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